This was a promotional video for Ebay, PayPal, and Westfield Malls to showcase 'shoppable windows' 

eBay Digital Storefronts from Christopher Dick on Vimeo.

This was a series that I did on the "My Ford Touch" feature on the new Ford Focus where I was the DP, sound, grip, producer, craft services, driver, stunt double... in other words, it was just me, the talent, and my camera bag :)  

The idea was to merge editorial storytelling with a highlight of the cars features and was quite a success for the agency and the Globe and Mail.  We were featured in Marketing Magazine recently as an example of the growth of this sort of "Branded Content".

The whole series (6 episodes) are embedded above.


This was the video trailer concept that Amber and I came up with for Powerfriending. I shot it on a Canon T2i one afternoon while we had the little one at the babysitters :)  

Shot on Canon T2i with
24mm 1.4,
16-35mm 2.8,
50mm 1.8,
70-200mm 2.8
Edit FCP